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 Drew- Played By POTClover

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PostSubject: Drew- Played By POTClover   Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:02 am

First Name: Drew
Middle Name: Alexander
Last Name: Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 18 1/2
Height: 6'5
Nationality: American
Drew's your average guy. He's normally very kind and caring to people
and animals, though that's only his good side. If your on his good
side, he's the shoulder to lean on. He will always be around to comfort
you even if you don't want it. Though he at times just wants to stay at
home and relax at others he loves being outside. It's hard to effect
his mood, at times it's close to impossible. He's incredibly easy to
talk to, and you could talk to him for hours if you really wanted. He's
a real gentlemen, and wouldn't usually tell you to 'shut up' or 'do you
ever stop talking' like other guys might do. Sports is also a very big
part of his lives, and he runs and rides a lot to keep in shape. On his
bad side, he can be your worst nightmare. He will turn on you and
protect the ones he loves, like family or friends for example. He isn't
afraid to snap at someone if it is for protecting himself.

-family and friends
-going out
-horseback riding
-eating out
-being outside
-helping out
-cars [slightly]
-being outside
-being alone
-empty houses
-sitting inside
-doing nothing
Drew has interests in everything from cars to horses. Now he has a few
cars, some vintage others newer models, and keeps them in top condition
for shows and so on. He also is getting more and more interested in
animals, mainly horses, and is riding a lot more.
Eye Color: A light hazel
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Hair Style: See pic
Hair Length: Short
Skin Tone: White
Drew is very fit. He does a lot of sports like, football, soccer etc,
and has the muscles to prove it. Though he's not overly muscular. He's
strong and has more defined facial features.
Extra Items:
-phone and earpiece



-Ipod and ear buds


Three Outfits:


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Drew- Played By POTClover
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