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 Chase- Played By Windtalker

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PostSubject: Chase- Played By Windtalker   Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:21 pm

First Name: Chase
Middle Name: Heidy
Last Name: Carson
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5' 6
Nationality: 1/2-British, 1/2-Irish
Personality: Chase
has a very out going personality, and is all ways the life of a party.
She's sweet, and kind, but can be very bold, and some times act on
rash, and spur of the moment decisions. She doesn't often hold grudges,
but if she gets mad at you, it will take a while for her to simmer
down. She's very charismatic, and can almost never sit still, though
she can when she wants. She always likes to be doing something. She's
very brave, and is all ways the first to try something new, or do
something scary.


-nature walks
-the beach
-talking on the phone
-eating out
-and other trivial things

-preppy people
-being caught up in something she doesn't want to be
-"shadow" people, people who follow her constantly
-and other trivial things

Interests: Chase likes singing a lot, and playing the guitar. She also likes horses, and western riding.
History: Chase knew she had the ability to morph since she was five. Her intuition never got the best of her, and she managed to keep it a secret until she was sixteen, when she made a sensor near the Fidele Sky Tower go off. She had to run then, and she's been running since. She's never bothered to have pets, thinking of her own self as an animal. She tried to stay as completely human looking and acting as possible, and is really good at it at this point. She's never been afriad of the Fidele, even with their weapons, and gets into fights with them alot even now.

Eye Color:
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Basically Straight
Hair Length: To Her Shoulder Blades
Skin Tone: White
Physique: Chase is a slim girl with very little curves. She's rather straight, and somewhat strong, having good leg strength.One Outfit:
One Outfit: I'll post it when posting
Birth Mark:
5 slash/ scar marks frunning from her fore head, right across her eyelid to her cheek on her left eye

Morph Forms(5):


-White Eagle

-White fox

-Irimote Wild Cat
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Chase- Played By Windtalker
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