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 Blaze- Played by Windtalker

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PostSubject: Blaze- Played by Windtalker   Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:54 am

First Name: Blaze
Middle Name: Marie
Last Name: Ravenwood
Gender: Female
Age: 16years 6months
Height: 5' 6
Nationality: 1/2-Irish, 1/2-British
Personality: Blaze has an overpowering personality at times,
having a hard head and not willing to forgive you for your minor
mess-ups. She has no problem fighting, often enjoying the moment where
losing your head and shouting out stark remarks is okay. All through
school she studied hard, and was an excellent student, but her quick
wits and sharp mind came from her mother who died when she was
fourteen. She holds grudges like no other, and still has grudges
against certain people since the younger grades, grade three, four,
five --it's very difficult for her to forgive you after her grudge has
been put in to place. If you're on her good side, she'll be a very
devoted and loving friend, loyal to the core. She takes horse riding
and every thing she does seriously, and would never hurt an animal.

-Having fun
-going out for dinner
-riding horses
-showing off
-being the best
-And other comical things

-A lot of comical things
-Being side-tracked
-Being out-shined
-Some boys

Interests: Blaze has few interests, but she does love drawing, horses, and nature.
History: Blaze
first realized her ability when she was fourteen. It came as a shock when she was hanging out with one of her friends. Her friends avoided her from that moment on, and she's lived alone since, all ways running. Her mother died when she was twelve, and her father despised what she was.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Straight Or Curled Slightly
Hair Length: To Her Shoulder Blades
Skin Tone: White
Physique: Blaze is a slim girl with curves in just the right places. She's pretty, but not overly strong.
One Outfit:
-What she's wearing in the first picture with white sandals


Animal Forms:

-White Wolf

-White Falcon

-White Cheetah

-Domestic Cat

-Smaller, petite, younger looking version of a Fisher Cat(and considerably less vicious than they really are, XD)
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Blaze- Played by Windtalker
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