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 A New Era...

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PostSubject: A New Era...   Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:40 pm

Humans always ran the earth, without anything to oppose them. There was one sure thing about humans: You never had to question them. You never had to question their genetic make-up, or if they were adapting in a wrong way, or if they were going to grow fins, or gills. They never had to fear that their race would evolve into something more. Until now. The world has changed greatly in the centuries since humans first arose, and took their place as the dominant life form. Now, a new species of humans has arose, a stronger, more advanced species. The Embrayage. These people, these creatures are capable of one, unimaginable feat: They can morph, take the shape of five different animals. The Embrayage are more talented than normal humans. They can be wilder, more feral, yet they can appear among us no different than any other. They can be civilized when they want. These creatures are more agile than normal humans, and they're slightly stronger. They're whole being is stronger, sometimes not even a bullet can pierce it, or make much effect. But, with every new species, there is one that opposes it, one that defies it, to try and keep the balance. Those are the Fidèle. Where no humans trust the Embrayage, the shifters, the Fidèle, are trusted by all. They're trained to hunt, and kill the Embrayage before they can do anything to disrupt the human race. The normal human race. The Embrayage aren't safe anywhere. They can't live in normal homes, and are pushed to the forests like animals. There are few places where they are safe, very few. The Embrayage look like normal humans, except one flaw. There's always some mark that gives them away. It's a very defined scar, most of the time. A four line scar that appears somewhere on them. It's a birth defect they all live with, and that they must keep. In the world, they seem human, and everyone immediately takes them as that. And that mistaken identity is what gets anyone they get close to killed...

Embrayage- The French word for "shifter"

Fidèle- The French word for "friend"
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A New Era...
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