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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:59 am

Basic Site Rules:


You may say, "damn," and that is all. No swearing, period. For a time
you could as long as asterisks were involved in most of the word, but
complaints arose on that.

2. Be realistic
when you're role-playing. Really think about what a human boy or girl
might do in the situation they're in. Try and keep posts long.

3. No power-playing, or in other words, no playing another person's character.

4. No personal fighting, though characters may fight.

5. When
role-playing, please don't use chat-speak, and try and save all
chatting for the chat forum and chat box. Please do not use all
capitals either.

6. No disrespecting Mods or Admins.

7. Please
don't use pity just to get your character attention, or yourself
attention by talking about your "terrible" life, and what-not.

Character Guidelines:

1. All
characters must start out at any age above the age 15.

2. Please fill out the entire form when creating your character. If you have questions contact a Mod or Admin.

3. When you want to join, just copy and paste your joining form into a new topic in the Character Activation forum, and I will add you promptly.

4. Each person can have two characters only.

5. If
you might happen to have one of your role-play characters die, then you
may replace them with a new one. The same goes for pets.

6. You
may have your character get a boyfriend or girlfriend, or get married,
and have children. Try and be realistic, actually try and think what a
boy and girl might do in their situation, though don't go into graphic
details on ever little
relationship intimate.

7. Only the Fidele` and normal humans can have pets, and a house. The Fidele` are human still, so they can have a pet.

8. Humans, the Embrayage, and the Fidele` can all mix up and get together, though they usually stay within the same species. The Fidele` are humans still.
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