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 Mods & Admins

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PostSubject: Mods & Admins   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:55 am

Mods- A mod (moderator) watches over the site for the Admin. They are the policemen of the site.

Admin- An admin (administrator) controls the site, and edits it's makings. The admin controls the topics, and messages.

When new Mods are looking to be appointed
the first people that will be offered the position are people who have
been role-playing here the longest, have the most topic posts, and have
had the best behavior.

There will only be one Admin,
but there may be a replacement, who will be appointed if I (Windtalker,
admin) am away. To become a replacement Admin, you must first be a Mod.
The same rules will apply to becoming a mod. You must be a Mod who has
been playing a long time, have many topic posts, and have good

Please do not just randomly email/PM me about becoming a Mod, or Admin, unless you know I've been looking to appoint a new one, and you know you're being considered for the position, which I will let you know if you are being considered.
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Mods & Admins
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