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 Talia Rains

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PostSubject: Talia Rains   Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:29 am

First Name:Talia
Middle Name:Diane
Last Name:Rains
Age:17Years 8 Months 5 Days
Talia is a smart girl with a bright outlook on life, she is optimistic and
doesn't let anything bring her down. Normally you can find her in the
stables with the horses, or in her house with her pets, or maybe just
relaxing in a quiet place. She outgoing and fun, a go-getter, when she
wants something she will not stop till she gets it. She is charming
seductive and flirty, not much but you can find her chatting with guys
here and there, but it's rarely you ever see her get serious with
anyone, she's waiting for the perfect one.

When ever she see's someone with their nose stuck in the air, thinking their better than everyone; she puts them in their place, especially with those rude guys
out there, she puts them where they belong and doesn't give up till she
does it. She is relaxed, and laid back, calm and knows what to do in
any bad situation, you'll rarely ever see her cry, unless she's in
excrusiating pain, or she's having a bad day, (Which is bascially
never). She is carefree and goes for spur-of-the-moment things. She
sometimes frets over her hair and how she looks when she's going out,
but when she's at home, she loungges out in some comfy sweats and a
tank top. She is caring, loving, understanding, trustworthy, and never
quick to judge. Her heart goes out to those less fortunate and she
normally trys and cheer people up who are sad or angry.

She almost always has a sweet half smile pulled across her face, it seems
to brighten everything when she smiles. She is fun to be around and
doesn't mind cracking jokes now and then, she is very fun, and has a
good sence of humor. She can get sensitive and shy every now and then
on bad days, but those come once a year, or less. She never lets things
bring her down and is quite persistent, she loves to sit around with
people she enjoys being with/loves and talking, whether it's about
nothing in particular or a very interesting subject. She gets
self-concious every now and then but rarely, what people think about
her doesn't faze her and she just shrugs it off as if it was the least
important thing in the world, of course she still dresses nice and
fixes herself up all the time. She stays true to herself and sticks up
for her beliefs. She does have a tempermental side to her, and can snap
easily when annoyed.
- Guys
- Photography
- Singing
- Fun
- Animals
- Her Power To Morph
- Bright colors
- Flowers, especially lilies of the valley and roses
- Candy
- Using the computer
- Reading
- Travel
- Movies
- Day dreaming
- Compliments
- Long walks on the beach
- Romantic things
- Amusment Parks
- Looking good
- Clothes
- Music
- Volleyball
- Shopping
- Trinkets
- Blueberries, and strawberries
- The ocean/beach
- Summer
- Nature
- Going out for dinner

- Awkward silences
- Being alone
- Clowns
- Cold
- Loud noises
- Being controlled
- snakes
- depressing things
- Snotty/rude people, altough she much enjoys putting them in there rightful places.
- Piercings (Exception to earrigns)
- Tattoos
- Needles
- Lying
- TOFU!! *Gags*
- Disgusting foods ^Such as above
- Pointlessness
- Rap/Punk music
- Spiders *Shudders*

Talia has many interests, it's hard to name them all, but she enjoys being able to morph into 5 different animals...See Likes for more.
History:Talia learned she could morph when she was at the tender age fo 9, she has been enjoying her special gift, but when her parents rejected her as their child and pushed her out of their home, she washeart broken, she went to live with the rest of the Emrayage.
Eye Color:Dark Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Style:Sideswept, natural
Hair Length:Long
Skin Tone:White
is attractive, slim and fit, she looks a little younger than her age
because of her petite figure, she is the normal size of any other girl
her age but not in height. Although she doesn't much like being shorter
than most people she likes to be able to fit into smaller spots that
other people her age can't reach. Even though she is petite, she has a
healthy figure with curves in the correct places, her hair reaches her
mid back and is normally sideswept and down unless she is riding she
keeps it in a high pony. Her fare skin is almost flawless except for a
few scars she's had from accidents in the past. She is quite strong for
her ages from doing gymnastics at an early age, but looks fragile and
delicate to any other person that see's her wakling down the street.
One Outfit:I'll post while RPing
Where Is Their Birth Mark:4 inch long scars on her right hand palm, up closer to her wrist.
Morph Forms(5):
-White Tiger


-American Eagle


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Talia Rains
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