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 Seasons & Aging

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PostSubject: Seasons & Aging   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:54 am

Summer- In the summer the weather is dry, and hot. Thunderstorms occur a lot during this season, and is a prime time for wild fires, and smaller brush fires.

Fall- The weather in fall is rather cooler than Summer, and lighter jackets are usually required. Thunderstorms are much less frequent in these months, and fires are rare. The changing landscape looks beautiful, and the cooler temperatures are appreciated after the Summer.

Winter- The winters are cold, but not overly brutal. There's snowfall almost every week, but it doesn't accumulate to much more than about a foot or less. The trails are usually beautiful glistening with snow, though it's not a prime time for riding because walking for the horses is harder, and the cold weather can cause disease.

Spring- The springs are warm, though not as warm as the summers. Jackets are rarely needed, and everything blooms fast. This is a prime riding time in the perfect weather, with the perfect landscape an conditions.

Aging: In the game, because the seasons go by like the real world, characters would take too long to age so each character ages one year between 2 to 4 months.[i]
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Seasons & Aging
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